I år är vi stolta över att presentera ett av de absolut bästa salsabanden i Europa, MERCADO NEGRO, som flyger hit direkt från Schweiz.

The Mercadonegro project was born when three Latin-American musicians met by chance in Europe. Ending up in the old Continent for love, they have kept their musical heart in Latin America, and they decided to spread throughout the world the sounds of their homelands, together with new beats and vibes.

Armando Miranda was born in 1974 in La Habana, Cuba, in the Buenavista neighbourhood made famous by the Wim Wenders film. Hes been a professional musician since he was 17 years old. He studied at the Felix Varela Professional Music School in La Habana, where he played – and sung – salsa and Afro-Cuban music with famous artists such as Manguaré, Niurka Espinola, Ire Arche.

Rodrigo Rodríguez was born in 1974 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombias most Caribbean town. He worked as a singer and percussionist for Colombias National Ballet as well as with Joseito Martinez from the Latin Brothers.

Cesar Correa was born in 1975 in Trujillo, Peru. Trujillo is well known for its long tradition in arts and music. He studied classical piano at the Carlos Valderrama Conservatory in Trujillo where he worked as a classical concert player. He also played with numerous salsa and Peruvian folk music groups. He also has a wide experience as an arranger and as conductor. In Switzerland, he studied at Fribourgs conservatory and at the Berns Jazz School.

Varmt välkomna till världens bästa salsa på stora dansgolvet Starlight!